Zimmatic Center Pivot Irrigation

The Economical Choice   

  • Significantly reduces stress on your crops.
  • Improves your yields. 
  • Applies water evenly and exactly where it's needed. 
  • Can be used on all types of crops. 
  • Allows you to use only the water your crops need.

Zimmatic Corner Systems

Maximum Coverage

  • Maximized irrigation coverage.
  • Minimal effort.

Zimmatic Mobile Systems

Spreads Investment Over Multiple Fields

  • Makes more acres more productive.
  • Single, mobile pivot.
  • Better alternative to multiple systems.

Zimmatic Lateral Move Systems 

More Options to Gain Maximum Coverage

  • Efficient irrigation method for moderate-grade fields.

  • Travels in a straight line.

  • Can bring up to 98% of a square or rectangular field into full production.